Tuesday, April 12, 2011


April in Cincinnati means rain and it has rained Monday and Tuesday.  It is Tuesday around 11am and it has stopped.  The brew to get me through this rainy morning and the chapters I have to read for my accounting class was Assamese Tea.  It has been my morning companion working through the chapter of debits and credits and balance sheets. 

I used loose leaf tea and there is something soothing about brewing a kettle of water and waiting for it to come to a boil.  While I was waiting for the water, I got out my tea strainer and the loose leaf tea and put it in the tea ball strainer.  Placed it in the teapot and poured the water and waited for it to brew.

Looking at this writing it appears that the process of making tea requires waiting.  Be it loose leaf or tea bag, there is a waiting to it.  Maybe tea teaches the art of patience to its drinker?

Maybe tea can teach me to be patient with myself in my accounting class that just does not come easily to me as other classes do.

I know that pot of Assamese Tea was well worth the wait!!!

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