Thursday, April 7, 2011


So what images come to your mind when you hear the word tea?  What do you associate with the word?  Do you think of tea bags and boxes of Lipton or the sleepytime Celestial Seasonings Bear on the package.  I am interested to hear what comes to mind with the word...tea.


  1. To the mind of the geek, one cannot think of tea without associating it with the phrase "Tea, Earl Grey, hot..."

  2. Some time in China in the 2000s gave me the chance to try many teas, including the "blooming" ones which I brought back to the US a bit before they became the gourmet fad.

    Green tea is my favorite, reminding me of dinners at the local restaurant near our Beijing apartment and walking into the tea store in the Cotton Market just to smell...

  3. So Katyroo, do you like the flavored green teas like the ones with mint or citrus or just plain green tea?

    Do you drink for the added health benefits too?
    How long did you live in China?
    Thanks for posting too!!!